What Do We Do?

We’ve had a few emails and phone calls lately, asking the all important questions, “What do you do?” and “How can you help my high school student?”  Here’s an explanation of what we do…and how KaMi Consulting can help a student through the college application and admission process.

KaMi Consulting focuses on 4 areas when working with a student, always focused on our goal of Connecting Kids 2 College

College Prep:

  • Monitor that the student is taking the right classes and challenging himself/herself at the same time.
  • Monitor grades and motivate to improve if necessary.
  • Advise on testing schedules and kinds of tests (PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, AP, and IB).
  • Organize/Monitor extracurriculars, develop resume.

College Match:

  • Show how to maximize college searches and demonstrate interest.
  • Develop and present a list of colleges to match a student’s needs.
  • Offer insight into schools and what to look for before and during college visits.

College Apps:

  • Provide monthly email reminders of what’s coming next.
  • Assist with college applications, monitor deadlines for applications/ letters of recommendation.
  • Critique college essays and personal statements, offering suggestions in topic development (we do not write their essays!).

College Wrap:

  • Provide college tuition tips.
  • Explain differences in types of financial aid.
  • Provide guidance on athletic and academic scholarships- where to look.
  • Offer tips for college success.

Ideally, we begin working with a student in the Spring of their Sophomore year in high school, to get to know them, and make sure they are on the right track academically.  Their Junior year is spent getting organized, teaching them how to research a school to learn the most accurate data, and guiding them for successful college visits, which lead to a suggested college list of 20-30 schools.  Senior year is all about deadlines and applications.  We offer help with their college essays and monitor them through every step of the application process.  In addition, we will meet with them in the Spring of their Senior year to review their offers and evaluate their aid packages.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!


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