5 Things You Might Know About The University of Hawaii at Manoa… and 5 Things You Might Not!

If you are a junior in high school right now, it’s definitely time to start thinking about your college visits – a perfect time to see what a school you might be considering is really like without solely relying on their website or brochure.  With all of the colleges out there, how do you begin to narrow your college search?  Check back with our blog frequently (or better yet-sign up to get our blog sent straight to your email), as we will be posting things we have observed on our most recent college visits.

Today, the KaMi Spotlight is on The University of Hawaii at Manoa, located on the beautiful island of Oahu.


5 Things You Might Know:

• A 320 acre tropical campus located in Honolulu, HI.

• Division 1, Rainbow Warriors, and part of the Western Athletic Conference.

• Enrollment for 2013-2014 is approximately 20,000 students, which includes close to 6,000 graduate students.

• Cost of tuition (2014-2015) for a Non-Resident is $28,632 a year.  However, U of H at Manoa participates in the WUE Program which could bring down the tuition costs to $14,760.

• The student to faculty ratio is 14:1.

5 Things You Might Not Know About U of H at Manoa:

• All students take an Intro to Hawaii Pacific class to learn cultural information.

• Currently finishing construction of a new student recreation center, to open in Spring of 2014.

• Known for their Biology and Marine Biology programs.

• About 70% of the students are residents of Hawaii.

• Class sizes can range from 6- 250, but average 25-35.  Honors classes are capped at 30 students.

This school is very diverse, and while on the larger size, has a very friendly feel!




The odds of a freshman getting a parking pass are very slim…good thing these buses take you wherever you need to go on the island!


The Queen Lili’uokalani Center for Student Services- and where you will begin your tour of the campus.


The view out the window of the main dining area.


Murakami Stadium, on the lower end of campus.


Tennis courts, parking structure, and Stan Sheriff Center.


These round buildings are the freshman dorms.


These towers are upper division housing.


5-story Hamilton Library.


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