5 Things You Might Know About UCR…and 5 Things You Might Not!


If you are a junior in high school right now, it’s definitely time to start thinking about your college visits – a perfect time to see what a school you might be considering is really like without solely relying on their website or brochure.  With all of the colleges out there, how do you begin to narrow your college search?  Check back with our blog frequently (or better yet-sign up to get our blog sent straight to your email), as we will be posting things we have observed on our most recent college visits.


Today, the KaMi Spotlight is on the University of California, Riverside (UCR)


UCR logo

UCR logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



5 Things You Might Know:


• There are over 360 Greek organizations on campus.


• A Division 1 school in the Big West Conference playing big name schools like USC and UCLA with 17 sports teams.


• Enrollment for 2012-2013 is just over 21,000 and most of them are Undergrads.  About 30% of the students live on campus.


• Cost to attend ranges from around $23,000 to live at home while attending to $37,000 for out-of-state residents.


•  A GPA of 3.0 is required to apply along with the ACT with Writing or the SAT Reasoning test.


5 Things You Might Not Know About UCR:


•Larger class sizes (could be a concern to someone who is looking for a smaller environment) of 100-220 students for the GE classes with the largest auditorium holding 538 students.


• Ranked as the 8th most diverse university in the nation.


•4 libraries on campus, all with computer labs.


• An Honors Program is available for qualified students that ensures priority registration (even above athletes).


• UCR is a public, research university that partners with many outside agencies for development and advancement.


To us, UC Riverside seemed very well organized and had a studious vibe.  Many students were walking around with headphones on or studying in quiet areas.  With its Medical School opening in August of 2013, we are sure this high quality school will continue to grow in size and reputation.


UCR Bell Tower

UCR Bell Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








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