Should You Go to College? (We Say Yes! But, What Do the Experts Say?)

We don’t know if you have been paying attention, but there has been a lot of debate lately on topics such as: Is college worth it? Is college worth the expense? and Does it even pay off to go to college?  We know where we stand on these issues – and according  to Philip Oreopoulos and Uros Petronijevic and their new study “Making College Worth It: A Review of Research on the Returns to Higher Education”, published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, college DOES seem to be worth it!  They conducted an entire study on the benefits of higher education, and took a lot into consideration, including student debt and the most lucrative majors.  Here are their findings in a great chart with all of the basics laid out to help you make your decision!


One thought on “Should You Go to College? (We Say Yes! But, What Do the Experts Say?)

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