What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

It is now the month of March and those of you who have gone through the college application process are now patiently (or impatiently) waiting for acceptances and dreading those “other” letters. We are keeping our fingers crossed for each and every one of you. With that said…

We wanted to spend a little time here to re-familiarize you with who and what an independent educational consultant (IEC) is and does. An IEC is a professional individual who is contracted by a student and their family to advise in the area of college planning and/or college counseling to find the right fit for the student. In other words, IECs provide individualized services to aid the family in educational planning. Whether it be looking for a vocational/tech school, a community college, or a four-year university, IECs are there to listen to the family and their desires for “what’s next” after high school. They provide extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the schools and colleges. This relationship can provide assistance in deciding factors such as cost, location, social life, and most importantly–curriculum.  In addition, IECs supply an objectivity to help families understand all of their options when making a decision during a time that is extremely confusing and stressful. The IECs’ main purpose in working with students is to make sure that the decision the student and family makes is one that will nurture and foster the student’s academic AND social growth; there needs to be a balance. IECs are well aware of the important criteria within the application process and common mistakes to avoid when making recommendations for placement. IECs follow the “Principles of Good Practice” of the IECA, and there is a rule of thumb that families must understand–it is that “IECs [members] neither guarantee placement nor outcomes.” IECs are not affiliated nor work under contract with a given institution, providing complete objectivity when searching for a program/school. With an IEC, the student and family have the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities with a knowledgeable professional who can provide insight to help ensure that the best decision is made. In the end, IECs work for the student and family to make sure that the process is seamless and that the right FIT occurs.


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