Why Hire an IEC?

We’ve been enjoying many of your responses and the inquiries that you have been making. But, now that you know a little bit about us and what an IEC is, the next question that many of you are asking is–Why should we hire an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC)? IECs are able to provide personal and individualized services in your search for the right college fit. Sure there are high school guidance couselors who can also assist in the process; however, their main purpose is to make sure that the student is focused on passing their classes (9th-12th grade) and fulfillng their requirements for graduation. Some assistance will also be given with general college information, such as: testing dates, letters of recommendations, and possible college fairs. Truth be told, an IEC can and will provide the same information as that of a guidance counselor; however, with an IEC, more detail and attention will be given to each of the clients. It’s a personalized experience. IECs can clarify the quite confusing and frustrating process of searching, applying, and choosing the right college for the student. Assistance with applying for financial aid, writing personal statements, and researching and writing scholarships are just some of the individualized attention an IEC can and will provide. One of the most beneficial attributes of an IEC is that they have the “time” to research, visit, and inquire about the colleges that your child is most likely interested in attending. Time is so crucial (and many say that “time is money”) and sometimes there just seems to not be enough of it. An IEC is able to assist in making college a realistic option, all with the intentions of making sure that the college the student chooses is the right “fit” for them.WordItOut-word-cloud-1532311


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