Why Hire an IEC?

We’ve been enjoying many of your responses and the inquiries that you have been making. But, now that you know a little bit about us and what an IEC is, the next question that many of you are asking is–Why should we hire an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC)? IECs are able to provide personal and individualized services in your search for the right college fit. Sure there are high school guidance couselors who can also assist in the process; however, their main purpose is to make sure that the student is focused on passing their classes (9th-12th grade) and fulfillng their requirements for graduation. Some assistance will also be given with general college information, such as: testing dates, letters of recommendations, and possible college fairs. Truth be told, an IEC can and will provide the same information as that of a guidance counselor; however, with an IEC, more detail and attention will be given to each of the clients. It’s a personalized experience. IECs can clarify the quite confusing and frustrating process of searching, applying, and choosing the right college for the student. Assistance with applying for financial aid, writing personal statements, and researching and writing scholarships are just some of the individualized attention an IEC can and will provide. One of the most beneficial attributes of an IEC is that they have the “time” to research, visit, and inquire about the colleges that your child is most likely interested in attending. Time is so crucial (and many say that “time is money”) and sometimes there just seems to not be enough of it. An IEC is able to assist in making college a realistic option, all with the intentions of making sure that the college the student chooses is the right “fit” for them.WordItOut-word-cloud-1532311


On our most recent college trip, visiting beautiful Pepperdine University!

On a college trip in 2013, visiting beautiful Pepperdine University!

Hello Everyone!

We would like to re-introduce ourselves and our business to you. It has been about a few years since we’ve done this and there has been plenty of changes.

We are now known as KaMi College Consulting, Inc. Educational Consultants, and would like to help you find the best match as far as selecting a college is concerned. We work one-on-one with students [and their families], helping to identify colleges and universities that offer the best opportunities for connecting student learning and student needs, while keeping the student on track through every phase of the college search and application process. We are not employed by any school; we work for you!

KaMi College Consulting is co-owned by Kate Spear and Michelle Choi, both residents of Eastvale, CA. Kate spent over 16 years in the classroom teaching 2nd and 6th grades where she excelled at motivating and working with her students.  Michelle brings over 21 years of experience as a Language Arts teacher both at the intermediate and high school level; however, the last 15 years have been working with high school juniors and seniors. She brings a level of expertise preparing students for collegiate level writing and assisting their clients through the college essay process. Together we offer personalized, professional services to address the unique needs of the student on their college search and throughout the college admissions process.

The Importance of College Visits

As a kid growing up, going to college was never discussed because it was an expectation, a requirement, and a mandate. Which college was I going to go to? Well, that was easy as well. I was going to apply and attend wherever I was accepted. That was it. The schools I applied to were the ones where everyone else was applying to–all the in-state schools and where it was most popular to attend. Looking at it in hindsight, it was not the best way of picking a school. The main and probably one of the most practical things that I did not do was go on some college/campus tours to see whether I would like the school or not. More so, was that school going to be the right “fit” for me?

There really is no other feeling like that of walking onto a campus and experiencing first hand what it is like to be a college student there. Whether you’re walking onto the quad or into the student union or bookstore, there is an initial sense of excitement that you can’t help feel and just smile. Most colleges provide a campus tour throughout the calendar year. You just need to schedule one and go! They can last anywhere from one hour to  two and a half hours, depending on the size of the group. The way to make the most of the time that you are on a tour is to have questions ready to ask that you could not find the answers to online. Study a little bit about the campus so that way you are a little informed about the school. For the tours, they are usually given by student ambassadors-those students who are currently enrolled there and can tell you first hand what their experience has been like for their first year and on. Because these tours will show you the highlights of the school and campus, it is best advised to spend some time either before or after the tour just meandering around the campus to see what else there is. Take a camera and record your tour, or use some of the wonderful apps out there to journal your trip, such as Vine. Opportunities are also available to attend a class or two for the intended major. In addition, some schools even invite prospective students to stay overnight to experience what it would be like to be a student there: dorm life, social activities, cafeteria, athletics, etc. Be sure to ask and research for these availabilities.

When should you start taking college tours? NOW. Honestly, if college is an option, you should start taking tours after the start of your freshman year. Once one year of high school has been experienced, a student’s level of maturity grows and begins to understand the seriousness and importance of what it takes to go to college. The preparation that is involved in researching and learning about the different kinds of schools that are available to them are somewhat overwhelming. However, by taking some tours in small increments, you’re able to see what the possibilities are.

There is so much more to offer about the importance of college visits that this post can go on and on. Check out the following link at collegboard.com (one of our favorites) and read up on what you can do to help prepare for your first trip out.